A new space to share ideas

The John Villiers Trust are very excited about being an inaugural partner of the new Queensland Funders Hub where we can share ideas, expertise and resources while working closer together to create social change with other philanthropic organisations.

December 2021

After working from home for much of the past year, many of us are excited to be back in the office. We have come to appreciate how our physical workplace not only encourages teamwork and creativity, but also supports our emotional wellbeing.

A co-working space can be an exciting environment offering flexibility, collaboration and networking, all at a reduced cost.

Three philanthropic organisations have come together in Brisbane to form a new co-working space. Inspired by the Community of Giving approach, the team from Hand Heart Pocket, the Charity of Freemasons of Queensland has invited The John Villiers Trust and Philanthropy Australia’s Queensland Manager to share their space in Ann Street Fortitude Valley.

“We have a great, central office with extra space and want to share it with organisations we can collaborate with. We also want to issue a standing invitation to funders and social impact organisation from other States to work from our space whenever they are in Queensland,” said Sara Parrott, the CEO of Hand Heart Pocket.

The new Queensland Funders Hub has a few permanent workspaces still available, a shared communal kitchen, as well as bookable touch-down desks and meeting rooms.

Jack Heath, CEO of Philanthropy Australia, welcomed the launch of the Hub as a positive and exciting development for the Queensland philanthropic community.

“As the peak body for philanthropy, we understand the criticality of funders and social impact investors being able to come together and connect, convene and collaborate. This new co-working space will help bring Queensland funders together and Philanthropy Australia is excited to be invited to share this great new space,” said Jack.

Amanda Williams, the new Queensland Manager of Philanthropy Australia will be based out of the Hub. “We want to connect with funders of all types, large and small, new to giving or established, from family foundations or corporates. Together we can encourage more and better philanthropy in Queensland and into Queensland,” said Amanda.

Lea-Anne Bradley is the CEO of The John Villers Trust which focuses on rural, regional, and remote Queensland children and young people. “Having worked in Victoria where there is a larger philanthropic community, I know the value of working with other funders to share ideas and expertise, as well as resources. Our philanthropic organisations and community partners can be more effective when we work closer together to create social change,” said Lea-Anne.

To find out more about the Queensland Funders Hub or to make a casual booking, email [email protected] or get in touch with any of the three organisations through their websites.