Information for grantees

The John Villiers Trust delivers on its mission to achieve transformative impact in Queensland communities through active engagement and strong partnership.

The current grantee organisations and their projects that we are supporting are well aligned to JVT’s strategic focus and their impact and the strong partnerships being built will contribute significantly to the transformative change we seek to create.

If your organisation has been successful in its Grant application, congratulations! We look forward to working closely with you and your team. Here is some information for successful applicants:

Grant Conditions Form

  • Successful applicants are required to sign and return a Grant Conditions Form, which outlines The John Villiers Trust’s grant requirements. This will be sent to you with the email advising of the success of your application.

Reports and Acquittals

  • Reports and financial acquittals are a standard requirement for all grants.
  • Progress reports are required for all multi-year grants before subsequent instalments can be paid.
  • A final report on your project outcomes and expenditure is due within two months of project completion.
  • You can download the JVT Grant Report & Acquittal Form. If you prefer to use your own format for your report, please make sure you have included answers to the questions we ask in the acquittal form.
  • You can download the Budget/Financial reporting template here.
  • The Trust prepares stories of successful grant applications for our social media channels, website and annual report. As such, we appreciate photographs of your project (via email or wetransfer) for possible inclusion. (Please note: where faces are shown in photographs, permission to use the images is required from all individuals or their guardians.)

Grant Amendments

You are required to contact The John Villiers Trust with any changes to your project including key personnel, project scope, timeline, expected outcomes and outputs. If the changes are deemed significant, you will be requested to put the changes in writing for consideration by trustees as a grant amendment.


The John Villiers Trust Brand Guidelines

At its core, JVT is bringing benefit to children and youth through partnerships, community and growth and the love of country Queensland. These ideas have been brought together in our new brand identity. Set against a horizon of red earth and blue sky, a wire fencing knot brings together two ends in a figure eight bond, representing strength through partnerships. Our tagline ‘OUR HERE FOR GOOD’ demonstrates our intent to have long lasting, meaningful relationships and our colour palette reflects the earthy tones of rural, regional and remote Queensland from country to coast.

The John Villiers Trust Brand Guidelines 

We like to acknowledge the amazing work of our grantees via various channels and we welcome and encourage your acknowledgment of our support. If you have not already received our new logo and brand guidelines, please contact us at [email protected] and we will happily send it through.

Building strong partnerships with our grantees is essential to ensuring we deepen our engagement with Queensland communities, enabling us to better understand needs and opportunities. It is in this way that we believe the John Villiers Trust can support our grantees in generating  transformative change across Queensland communities: working alongside those who share our passion for country Queensland and its young people and are excited by what is possible.