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Bursaries to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum 2022

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Young country Queenslanders with an interest in social enterprise are encouraged to apply for a bursary to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum in Brisbane in September this year.

May 2022

Thanks to a grant from The John Villiers Trust (JVT), four bursaries are available to fund young entrepreneurs living in country Queensland to attend the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in Brisbane in September 2022.

With SEWF 2022 coming to Brisbane for the first time, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for social enterprise leaders from across Queensland to learn from their global peers and be inspired by the potential of sustainable economic initiatives.

As co-host of SEWF 2022, social enterprise experts White Box Enterprises have worked with partners like JVT and Hand Heart Pocket to ensure forum attendance is equitable through targeted bursaries. (see box below)

Social enterprises have enormous potential in rural, regional and remote areas. They diversify economic opportunities, support entrepreneurship and solve employment challenges – particularly for young people. The bursaries JVT funds will support four young entrepreneurs from country Queensland to learn more about the power of sustainable economic initiatives.

JVT CEO Lea-Anne Bradley said social enterprises are an important way for communities to solve employment challenges faced by young people in country Queensland.

“With youth unemployment running at 35% in some Queensland areas, social enterprises diversify industries in rural areas and counter the urban drift that saps the vitality of country communities,” Ms Bradley said.

“SEWF 2022 has a strong focus on social enterprises in rural areas and these bursaries will allow budding entrepreneurs to boost their professional development and learn more about the power of social enterprise.

“Policy makers from all levels of government will be attending SEWF, so the bursaries also provide opportunity for the perspectives of young people from country Queensland to be represented in the forum discussions.”

If you know a young country Queenslander who is interested in the potential of sustainable economic initiatives, then please encourage them to apply for a bursary under the Youth or Rural & Remote Australians categories here.

Each bursary funded by the Trust is worth $2000 to cover attendance, travel and accommodation for country Queenslanders aged 30-years-old and under. Applications close 1 June 2022.

The love of country drives JVT and we collaborate with the community, thought leaders, government, social enterprise, philanthropists, and citizen donors on projects that have multiple, deep, and long-lasting impacts.

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What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise exists to serve the wider community and has a social or environmental mission at the core of their operations. In the start-up phase, these enterprises may receive some philanthropic support but longer-term they aim to fund themselves through their own income-generating activities.


About White Box Enterprises

White Box Enterprises is a leader in the development of large-scale jobs-focused social enterprises. They are on a mission to create social enterprise job opportunities in every town, and options of a pathway to employment through social enterprise for everyone who wants a job. Learn more

About the bursaries

Bursaries funded by JVT and other partners are available through White Box Enterprises to attend the World Social Enterprise Forum 2022 in Brisbane for:

  • Rural and Remote Australians
  • Youth
  • First Nations businesses, leaders, and Traditional Custodians
  • Financial Hardship
  • Low income, lower middle income or conflict affected countries (digital pass only)

Applications for bursaries will open April 27 and close June 1 2022. Learn more here