The John Villiers Trust: Director Recruitment

23 November 2023                 

Make a difference for country Queensland

Are you a leader who wants to make a difference for communities in rural, regional and remote Queensland?

Applications are now open for a Director position on the Board of The John Villiers Trust (JVT).

About JVT

The John Villiers Trust is an independent charitable trust that is all about supporting organisations working in country Queensland – organisations that are helping to build better, fairer, more resilient communities. We want to spark genuine, long-term change by focusing on the children and young people of rural, regional and remote Queensland.

Deep, positive change takes time. It takes strong partnerships. It takes real involvement. It needs to be owned and shared. The John Villiers Trust is here to support work and ideas that seed long-term meaningful change. We are looking for a new Director to join the board and help us make a difference for Queensland country communities.

For over 20 years JVT has supported organisations across Queensland. In this time we’ve nurtured John Villiers’ original gift and have grown it from $6.75 million to over $24 million, and have awarded $10.8 million to date in grants.

There is a lack of awareness of the unique issues faced by communities in rural, regional and remote Queensland. Our vast geography and highly decentralised population impacts access to vital services and means country Queenslanders are less likely to participate in higher education, have lower literacy levels, and are more likely to leave their communities in search of work.

The John Villiers Trust differentiates itself from other charitable organisations through our unique intermediary approach  which focuses on connection, providing not just funding but vision, structure and collaboration. We seek like-minded donors, funders and advisors whose ideas, causes and goals align with ours, to unite resources and invest for long-term transformative change. Through collaboration we’re able to foster change and build powerful relationships in multiple ways and in many locations right across Queensland.

As a Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF) with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status JVT is also favourably positioned to directly fundraise to grow its impact. JVT is building a position as a trusted intermediary for others who want to support country Queensland children and youth, and amplify the voice of rural, regional and remote Queensland communities.

About the role

JVT is looking for candidates who know and have strong connections with country Queensland, along with significant board and leadership experience.

The position requires someone with skills, experience and networks that will help guide, govern, promote, set strategic direction and policy, assist with the leadership and promotion, and support the Trust’s mission and goals.

Special consideration will be given for candidates with:

  • Significant governance experience, beyond the not-for-profit sector
  • Deep appreciation, understanding and connection to country Queensland though personal or professional experience
  • Knowledge of the philanthropic sector
  • Confidence in advocating for country Queensland and JVT
  • Willingness to engage in the fundraising process for country Queensland
  • Relevant networks and influence in the community, commercial, and government sectors.

Directors are required to attend quarterly Board and committee meetings, during office hours on weekdays, along with an annual half day strategy session.

The term of appointment is three years. This may be extended up to a maximum term of nine years.

This is your opportunity to take on a rewarding and challenging position with an organisation committed to amplifying the voices of country Queensland communities.

Applications are now open.

To make an application, send an email to [email protected] with your CV and Cover Letter. 

Submission Close Date: 31 Jan 2024 10pm AEST

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