Collaborating so country Queensland kids can thrive

February 2023

Last year The John Villiers Trust (JVT) along with Hand Heart Pocket, The Bryan Foundation, and Paul Ramsay Foundation committed foundational support to the Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership (TQKP).

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation (TFFF) recently joined this collaboration, with their involvement boosting our combined philanthropic funding to a total of $8.5m over three years. It’s a great example of how we can achieve more when we work together.

JVT’s funding was dedicated to amplifying the voice of kids in rural, regional and remote communities in TQKP’s state-wide systems-change initiative.

The Thriving Queensland Country Collaborative is one result of JVT’s support. It is a joint initiative of TQKP alongside James Cook University (JCU) and Central Queensland University (CQU).

The Collaborative has been formed to create an opportunity for people from across country Queensland to provide input on the initiatives and ideas being developed by TQKP, and to help them understand the unique issues and needs of the communities they support.

Learnings from conversations across the sector in country Queensland have informed the development of a new Partnership Officer – Thriving Queensland Country Collaborative role. TQKP would love more country Queensland based organisations and individuals to get involved though, to provide broader perspective and help shape the initiative and priorities. This will help ensure the work is relevant and valuable to those on the ground, and that identified opportunities and challenges are considered.

The role, which is being co-funded by JVT and TFFF, will be based in country Queensland and

hosted and supported by JCU or CQU. The position is dedicated to driving country Queensland engagement, collaboration and partnerships in TQKP.

JVT CEO Lea-Anne Bradley said the new role will help TQKP better understand and connect to the country Queensland communities they support.

“There’s generally a lack of awareness of the unique issues communities face in rural, regional and remote Queensland,” Ms Bradley said.

“This dedicated role will put boots on the ground to connect regionally based organisations and communities with all that TQKP has to offer.

“We’re delighted that TFFF have committed funding specifically to support country Queensland, along with funding to amplify the First Nations voice through a separate TQKP initiative.”

The new Partnership Officer – Thriving Queensland Country Collaborative role is now being advertised. It’s a great opportunity for someone with the appropriate expertise and knowledge of the issues experienced by people living or working in regional or rural Queensland. You can learn more and apply here.

Help make a difference

The Collaborative needs more country Queensland voices! Other organisations and individuals from rural, regional and remote Queensland are needed to help shape the initiative and priorities. Your knowledge, connections and experience can help ensure the work is relevant and of real benefit to those on the ground, and that identified opportunities and challenges are considered.

If you’re based in country Queensland and would like to help drive significant, long-term changes in child and youth wellbeing, please contact [email protected].

Leadership table

Late last year a new Leadership Table was established to provide strategic leadership, advice and assistance to TQKP.

The group is a diverse, multi-disciplinary collection of experienced and emerging leaders and collaborators from across Queensland, including First Nations leaders, leaders of family bodies, and leaders from the not-for-profit, philanthropic, university, corporate and government sectors.

They bring perspectives from across Queensland, and a great depth and breadth of cross-sectoral knowledge and experience to TQKP.

Their governance, expertise, knowledge, networks and influence will make a valuable contribution to the Partnership.

Congratulations to the new Leadership Table members:

  • Prof. Jeanine Young, Professor of Nursing & Midwifery, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Alexandra Wadeson, Area Manager, Mission Australia
  • Karyn Walsh, CEO, MICAH
  • Mena Waller, State Director, 54 Reasons
  • Belinda Taylor, Exec. Director, Children’s Health Qld
  • Danielle Toon, Director, Social Ventures Australia
  • Prof. Ken Smith, (former) Dean & CEO ANZSOG
  • Prof. Matt Sanders, Head, Parent and Family Support Centre, University of Qld
  • Dr Robyn Littlewood, CEO, Health & Wellbeing Qld
  • Dr Katrina Lines, CEO, Act 4 Kids
  • Ann Maree Liddy, CEO, Check Up
  • Tania Porter, Deputy DG, DoE
  • Garth Morgan, CEO, QATSICPP
  • Lorna McGinnis, Director, GRATE Gladstone
  • Nicci Martin, Deputy Principal, Laidley State School
  • Megan Kreis, Senior Director, Qld Health
  • Prof Ross Homel, Emeritus Professor of Criminology, Griffith University
  • Dr Elisabeth Hoehn, Director, QCPIMH
  • Linda Hansen, COO, Outback Futures
  • Chris Halliwell, General Mgr, Community Programs, Broncos
  • Ruth Fagan, SRO, Jarwun Research Centre, CQU
  • Alison Evans, Head Early Learning, G8 / Early Educ. Australia
  • Belinda Drew, Deputy DG, DCHDE
  • Matthew Cox, General Mgr, The Bryan Foundation
  • Sandra Cheeseman, CEO, Creche & Kindergarten Assn.
  • David Bunker, Managing Director, The Second Law
  • Mike Bosel, CEO, Brisbane South PHN
  • Sheryl Batchelor, CEO, Yiliyapinya
  • Pam Barker, CEO, Brisbane Youth Service