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10,000 Fareshare Meals per Week

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The John Villiers Trust support of Fareshare Australia will mean 10,000 FareShare meals will be distributed each week to young people and their families in need in rural, regional and remote Queensland.

FareShare operates Australia’s largest charity kitchens, cooking 1.2 million meals a year for homeless shelters, women’s refuges, crisis centres and disadvantaged schools. An action-focused organisation FareShare is powered by hundreds of volunteers who give up their time to chop, prep, pack and cook under the supervision of experienced chefs.

FareShare’s need to establish a Brisbane kitchen capable of cooking one million free, nutritious meals was realised in 2018 and in its first year was made possible by a strategic collaboration with Foodbank Queensland (FBQ).

FareShare’s custom built kitchen fired up its cookers in early October 2018 and The John Villiers Trust supported the kitchen by providing funding for three key pieces of food processing equipment – a vacuum packing machine, pump-fill station and combi oven – which enable the staff and volunteers to make short work of pallets of fresh vegetables and protein which would otherwise have gone to landfill.

In FY2020 The John Villiers Trust again supported Fareshare who saw an increase in need in rural, regional and remote Queensland as a result of COVID-19. With the support of the John Villiers Trust, Fareshare have delivered 10,000 meals per week to communities in need.

“The backing of The John Villier’s Trust has meant a real step change for Fareshare;  we have been able to boost our capacity to cook and deliver free, nutritious, tasty meals to people living outside of SE Queensland.” Marcus Godinho, CEO Fareshare .