Wills and Bequests

People wishing to include a gift or bequest in their will to The John Villiers Trust are encouraged to seek advice from your solicitor or to contact us for assistance in ensuring that it is correctly provided in your will.

However, the basic suggested wording for your will is as follows:

A Gift to The John Villiers Trust

“I give (type of gift), free from all charges, to The John Villiers Trust (John Villiers Limited, ACN 131 793 238) the sum of $ _______ [or insert the nature of the bequest i.e., legacy, percentage, residual etc] for its charitable purposes thereof and direct that the receipt of the secretary or other proper officer of the Trust for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees for such a gift.”

If you choose to leave a bequest to The John Villiers Trust, we also ask that you or your solicitor provide us with notification so that we can discuss with you how your bequest can be targeted to ensure its long-term viability and impact.

Acknowledgement of Gifts

We like to honour our donors and bequestors by acknowledging gifts left by individuals through our online and printed materials. It is also important for us to be able to advise grant recipients where the gift came from. However, we also value your privacy and will seek permission prior to any public acknowledgment.