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Career Slam & Community Bounce

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The John Villiers Trust provided a Grant to Ausdance Qld which enabled the organisation to provide a program of opportunities for rural, regional and remote Queensland communities to access dance activities that help develop creative capacity.

Ausdance Queensland is the state’s peak advocacy, advisory and service organisation for dance.  Its programs and services generate an environment where new ideas can flourish, artists can continue to explore and excel and communities can see and participate in dance.

In 2016, a grant from The John Villiers Trust enabled Ausdance Qld to provide a program of opportunities for regional Queensland communities to access dance activities that develop creative capacity.  Empowering communities to realise greater creative potential, the activities contribute to building a dynamic and innovative regional culture where communities can maintain mental and physical wellbeing.

Addressing the challenge of regional isolation, the Career Dance Slam and Community Bounce 2016 pilot program provided 394 participants from Mackay, Rockhampton, Longreach, Gladstone, Blackall and Muttaburra to access dance activities not otherwise readily available.

Through a suite of dance workshops and forums facilitated by four professional dance artists the program informed participants of the range of dance career options available, the pathways available to explore these options, and the appropriate skill sets needed to pursue these careers.  Workshops also shared practical tools and processes with the regions’ arts practitioners, teachers, and community members, empowering participants with the means to safely and enjoyably access, teach, participate in, and appreciate contemporary dance.

In addition, primary and secondary students were introduced to contemporary dance through tailored classes that built skills in creativity, advanced technique, imparted philosophy, shared repertoire and progressed choreographic practice.

The pilot program also enabled Ausdance Qld to improve their understanding of the unique dance needs and dynamics of each community and to build relationships with key stakeholders.  This will facilitate the building of a vibrant regional dance culture to connect and empower communities through dance.