You can help improve the lives of those in Queensland communities by supporting The John Villiers Trust.

The John Villiers Trust has been operating since 2002 and has been a grant-making foundation since 2004. We have contributed $8.5million in grants funding to the organisations working with people in rural, regional and remote areas of Queensland.

The John Villiers Trust current granting strategy is focused on supporting charitable organisations that carry our transformative work with children and youth in rural, regional and remote areas of Queensland.

Donations to The John Villiers Trust are pooled with funds from the Trusts’ capital profit and other donors – allowing us all to have a greater impact on young people than any of us could have alone. The John Villiers Trust identifies the best programs and projects servicing rural, regional and remote Queensland and provides grants to support them and reports back to donors on the impact of their donations.

You can help make a positive, transformative change in Queensland communities with the strategic focus for the near future being to achieve this transformative change for children and youth living in rural, regional and remote Queensland.  Click here to see a few examples of the types of projects The John Villiers Trust has supported in the past and is currently supporting.

All donations to The John Villiers Trust are tax deductible and can be made by filling in the online form below. We also accept donations by cheque or money order payable to The John Villiers Trust at 1h/24 Macquarie Street Teneriffe, QLD 4005

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your donation, please contact The John Villiers Trust on (07) 3102 9588 or [email protected] Thank you for supporting children and youth in country Queensland and for helping The John Villiers Trust be Out Here For Good.

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