Assisting Indigenous people build sustainable livelihoods on remote Homelands in Queensland

Organisation: Centre for Appropriate Technology

Project: Live and Thrive On Country

Amount: $100,000

Year of grant: 2013

“Live and Thrive On Country” is a two-year project to support remote Queensland Indigenous people to:

  • LIVE – Support the development and self-management of safe, appropriate infrastructure
  • THRIVE – Support and foster the development of sustainable livelihoods, jobs and economic independence
  • ON COUNTRY – on their traditional homelands

Commencing in July 2013, the project focussed initially on the key issue of water. Living and thriving on-country hinges on a safe, clean and secure drinking supply. Securing a reliable water supply is critical, especially in locations that face challenges associated with their remoteness, constrained support structures, limited infrastructure and a lack of economies of scale.

While traditionally there tends to be a good understanding within communities of their water system, there is limited knowledge or information available about managing the assets and risks involved in securing a reliable and safe water supply.

In its first year, the grant enabled Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) to work with communities to improve water supplies at multiple outstations and Homelands across Cape York Peninsula. Supported by the Trust, CAT assisted Indigenous groups to successfully leverage significant additional funding to improve infrastructure on outstations and to help develop future livelihoods including carbon farming, and future tourism and pastoralism opportunities.

Now in its second year, CAT is using the grant funds to further engage with the needs of communities across the region in a holistic approach which is responsive and adaptive. As well as continuing to focus on water supply, an expanding focus will be on Sustainable Livelihoods planning and broader infrastructure assessments.