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About Us

We give grants to charities which support Queensland communities to participate in projects that will enrich lives and strengthen social spirit.

We have a focus on organisations operating in remote and regional Queensland, particularly Central Queensland, as it was in these areas that John Villiers spent much of his life.

The John Villiers Trust was established on the death of John Villiers in Yeppoon, Queensland on 11 July 2002. Under John’s Will, he left the whole of his Estate of approximately $6.75 million to form a philanthropic Trust in perpetuity, for public charitable purposes in the State of Queensland. Over the years, the Trust has grown in value, enabling greater amounts to be given to charities through grants.

In May 2004 the Trustees resolved that grants during the early years of the Trust “should be for the benefit of eligible charitable organisations operating within Central Queensland, being where John Villiers lived for many years in both Rockhampton and Yeppoon, and where he supported many local charities during his lifetime”. A secondary emphasis will be for the benefit of eligible charities operating within Northern Queensland and Outback Queensland, where John Villiers worked for many years in the pastoral industry, and was supportive of charities in those regions. Ultimately, all charities throughout Queensland are to benefit from grants.