We can only fund organisations and projects which meet essential criteria. Individuals are not eligible to apply.

Is your organisation eligible?

The John Villiers Trust can only accept applications from organisations that meet the following two criteria:

– Endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office with Charity Tax Concession status in one of these categories:

  • Charity
  • Charitable Institution
  • Public Benevolent Institution
  • Health Promotion Charity


– Endorsed for Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR) under Item 1.  We consider that you meet this criteria if your organisation has both DGR status under items 1 & 4.

(Under the terms of the Trust Deed, the Trust cannot make grants to an organisation endorsed as an Item 2 deductible gift recipient.)

Check your organisation’s tax status here http://abr.business.gov.au/

Is your project eligible?

The John Villiers Trust is unable to consider grants for the following:

  • Projects that take place outside Queensland
  • Applications submitted on your behalf from an auspice organisation
  • Retrospective funding for projects that have already started or taken place
  • Deficit funding or organisations with a potentially negative equity position
  • General fundraising appeals
  • Infrastructure projects and service programs considered to be government responsibility at a Federal, State or Local Government level
  • Direct grants to individuals, including travel expenses, personal study or attendances at conferences
  • Promotion of religion
  • Political organisations
  • Purchase of motor cars or any type of passenger transport
  • Recurrent administration costs
  • Projects, services or programs which are focused on preparation for or delivery of NDIS related services


There are limitations on the number and frequency of grant applications that can be submitted by any one organisation:

  • Only one EOI application per organisation within any 12 month period except in special circumstances at the discretion of the Directors
  • Existing grants need to be successfully acquitted at least one month before a new EOI application is submitted
  • An applicant cannot reapply for a previously declined project, except by invitation following discussion with Trust staff
  • Organisations that have been registered with the ACNC for a period of less than 3 years should not apply, except by invitation following discussion with Trust staff
  • An applicant cannot reapply for a project where the Trust has funded that project at any time during the previous 2 years, except by invitation following discussion with Trust staff
  • The request amount in the Grant Application must match the request amount in the EOI, unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • If you intend to request an amount of $100,000 or more in an EOI, it is a requirement that you contact Trust staff so that your proposal can be discussed in detail before lodging the EOI.  Please ensure this occurs at least one week prior to the closing date for lodgement