The John Villiers Trust supports people and organisations to build more equitable communities and alleviate disadvantage, particularly in rural and regional communities.

Our grants support Queenslanders to participate in projects that will enrich lives and strengthen social spirit.

The Trust currently has five Programs with specific focus areas for grants, and three Support Types, each with criteria as a Support Sub-type.  Please ensure that your proposal fits within one of the focus areas under a Program area heading, and a Support Sub-type under the Types of Support.  More information and examples of how this is achieved can be found by reviewing our JVT Funding Guidelines & Grant Conditions.

Our Programs and focus areas are:

Arts & Culture

  • Engaging rural audiences
  • Fostering creativity for youth
  • Enabling participation by disadvantaged

Community Wellbeing

  • Enhancing community activities
  • Improving local facilities
  • Protecting and caring for the environment

Education & Vocational Pathways

  • Engaging and retaining children and youth in education
  • Providing pathways to employment

Health & Ageing

  • Improving regional service infrastructure
  • Delivering programs for better health outcomes and quality of life

Indigenous Advancement

  • Creating initiatives that protect, sustain and empower indigenous communities

The items that we will support and the Support Sub-types are:

Activities, Services or Programs

  • Creating initiatives that develop new services
  • Creating initiatives that expand services or activities into new areas of Queensland
  • Creating initiatives that support participation by disadvantaged Queenslanders

Capital Works, Fitout or Equipment

  • Enhancing community activities
  • Improving local facilities
  • Protecting and caring for the environment

Organisational Development/Building Capacity

  • Creating initiatives the develop better governance processes
  • Creating initiatives the develop new social enterprises

The Directors give priority consideration to:

  • Applications from  organisations operating in remote and regional Queensland, particularly Central Queensland, Northern and Outback Queensland as it was in these areas that John Villiers spent much of his life.
  • Projects which strengthen the viability of local communities
  • Projects which bridge the tyranny of distance
  • Emergency relief to restore social life and contacts
  • Projects where the applicant organisation or its project partners provide, at the very least, a reasonable and material contribution in either cash, in kind support, or both.